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International Auto Shipping

If you’re considering sending your car overseas, then give us a call. We can offer you the best rates on

international car shipping services, and international military auto transportation.

We pride ourselves on having some of the best skilled professionals in the automobile transport services business, which ensures that we collaborate effectively with our carriers to get you the best deals and personalized customer service. Utilize a car shipping service that looks out for you the way you would expect.

Shipping a car domestically is much easier than shipping a car internationally. There can be strenuous steps from loading and shipment to the paperwork and licensing required to operate internationally. There are many more legal and logistical hurdles to handle between the port fees to the docking paperwork.

With over 30 years of experience shipping vehicles worldwide, State by State Transporters has the resources for your international auto transport services. We have established delivery routes and professional services available to make international vehicle shipping a snap, whether you’re looking for domestic or international car shipping services, or international military auto transport. We also import and export cars for dealerships and collectors all over the world.

Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Auto Transport

If you need to ship a car from one destination to another, process is much more complicated than you would have thought. You’ll generally have two major options to consider: open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. Enclosed Auto Transport is likely going to be your best option, if you’re interested in making sure your car is completely protected. However, it has to be kept in mind that enclosed car shipping is more expensive and can be more difficult to schedule than other methods.

Open Auto Transport

The vehicles moved with open auto transport carriers are not protected. It is open to harsh weather conditions like rain, sun, hail and snow, and from dust, insects, and even birds. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Open Auto Transport. If you are opting for Open Auto Transport, you should be aware that your vehicle will be exposed to all those elements.

However, Auto Transport Companies take great care and deliver the cars to their final destination in good condition. Autotransportation uses well-trained truckers who understand the value of their cargo. The cars are also neatly strapped and packed in the carrier in order to reduce mobility and vibrations caused by the road while the cars are in transit. An advantage, though, is that in most cases, the open auto transport method is faster than the enclosed option. Open car shipping services are in higher demand, which leads to more truckers driving open car transporters.

Enclosed Car Shipping

An Enclosed Car Shipping carrier is a great car shipping option especially if you need to transport a classic or custom vehicle. It is opposite to Open Auto Transport shipping service. In an Enclosed Car Shipping carrier, the vehicles are moved in a covered truck. These carriers can often only carry a few limited vehicles at the same time.

Enclosed Car Shipping could be faster, but there are fewer enclosed car shipping transporters on the road and it makes harder to schedule them. With Autotransportation you can use Enclosed Car Shipping at ease. In most cases, Enclosed Car Shipping is more costly than Open Auto Transport. The biggest advantage though is that the cars are protected from harsh weather conditions, like rain, hail, sun, etc. An Enclosed Car Shipping carrier offers better protection for your vehicle while it’s being transported.

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