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Summer Winter Auto Transport

Summer Winter Auto Transport

The car shipping industry is very much seasonal. Autotransportation takes multiple factors into account mainly when you are shipping your car. For most people, while shipping their cars, they don’t have the luxury of waiting for better prices and better weather conditions. Auto Transport works across all seasons

Summer Auto Transport tends to be the more expensive as this season sees more people shipping their vehicles than any other. An influx of customers during the summer tends to lead to higher prices. Autotransportation is always ready with a contingency plan to tackle this heavy influx. Cities such as New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles are always popular, but you’d be surprised at just how many people ship down south during the summer, and metro areas always have more trucks in them than rural ones. During the summer everyone is shipping, most out of those metropolitan areas, which gives carriers a lot more leeway in determining what cars they ship and what ones they don’t.

While everybody wants to ship in summer, the Summer Auto Transport can be very punishing especially on your car components that require constant checking and conditioning. High temperatures can cause damage to your battery, cooling system and rubber tires. Perform necessary tests (such as thermostat test, pressure test and cooling fan test) periodically to see if you need to do some fixing before embarking on a long drive. Heat and friction can put immense stress on your car tires. To have them in good condition, make sure to regularly check its inflation pressure and rotate the tires after every 6,000 miles.

Why drive when you can relieve yourself off the hassle in the scorching summer heat? Choose Autotransportation so that we can transport your car from your garage to wherever you plan to spend your summer.

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